5-minute point-of-view

Sound Agendas is a conference for composers to talk about composition and related topics, with scope left wide open for composers to take the lead on what is relevant to talk about at this time. The ’5-minute point-of-view’ is a chance to open up a discussion on a topic that is of importance to you as a composer, whether of a creative, practical, professional or political nature. 5-minute points-of-view are particularly welcomed for the ‘Value’ and ‘Future’ sessions. Contributions will be grouped within a session, followed by a chaired discussion. The session will function similarly to a ’round table’. Contributions may be accompanied by a single slide including a summary, statement or other ‘provocation’ to support your talk.


This should be rehearsed well as time limits will be strictly enforced to ensure discussion time is not compromised.

Summaries (of around 150 words) should include a title and clearly outline what will be presented or discussed. The summary could start by posing a question, then outlining how the question will be approached and should give some kind of statement to say what makes this work, topic or argument interesting, relevant or timely in the context of your composition practice, or Composition in general. Include a link to a CV or bio. One or two links to online scores or recordings could be included if relevant (but are not essential). Summaries should be sent to cenmas@sheffield.ac.uk attached as docx or pdf files.